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Christina Aguayo spent 10 years in the television industry where she witnessed first hand the dishonest, corrupt inner workings of local television newsrooms across the country. After watching elected politicians control General Managers, News Directors and dictate on air content, Christina decided to start her own journey where she can speak truth, report on stories that impact Americans and never be censored again. 

Christina has garnered tens of millions of views online and reaches 7 Million people each month on Facebook alone – she plans to expand her reach and bring the people what they want as she continues on her journey, this time as an independent Journalist.

The Back Story
Growing Up

Christina Aguayo grew up on a farm in the small town of Elizabeth, Colorado. Her parents instilled in her the importance of hard work and raised her with a strong foundation that she could build her life upon. 

Growing up on a farm, Christina spent most of her time outdoors developing a love for animals and nature. It was then that she began to see the world through a different set of eyes, coming to the realization that everything and everyone has a heart and a story. 

NBC 9, and CBS 4

Christina interned at the top two stations in Denver, Colorado. NBC 9, and CBS 4. While there she received the solid base she needed to be successful in the industry. She was given the opportunity to learn while working in the field and interviewed athletes from The Denver Nuggets, Colorado Avalanche, and Denver Broncos.

First Job

Christina got her first job in Greenville, Mississippi at WABG. While in the Delta she covered the SEC, SWAC, GSC, and local high school sports.

Promoted to Sports Director

She continued her career in Indiana where she began as Weekend Sports Anchor and was quickly promoted to Sports Director. While in Indiana Christina enjoyed covering The Big Ten, The Indianapolis Colts, The Indiana Pacers, The Cincinnati Bengals, ECHL Hockey, Minor League Baseball, and the NBA D-League Champion Mad Ants. She also continued her in-depth focus on local community sports.

Next Stop

Her next stop was in Georgia where Christina was given the opportunity to build a sports department from the ground up for a duopoly, ABC and FOX. A challenge she was more than willing and able to take on. While in Georgia Christina anchored the 5, 6, 10, and 11 shows daily, produced and performed the Football Friday show, covered the Georgia Bulldogs, and the Atlanta Falcons all while building the department.

Sports Director

Christina then accepted a position as Sports Director in Ohio where she oversaw a staff of six people. She hosted a 30 minute daily sports show and a four-hour live football Friday show. While in Ohio she covered the Ohio State Buckeyes, The Cleveland Browns, The Cincinnati Bengals, and the LPGA tour. In addition, Christina hosted the 7 hours live Glass City Marathon, Dart Frog Dash, and the annual week-long dog show.

Sports to News

Christina also immersed herself in the local boxing community and exclusively covered local champion Robert Easter Jr. on his journey to becoming the IBF Lightweight World Champion. In addition, she covered four-time world champion Adrian Broner, Gervonta ‘Tank’ Davis, and Rau’shee Warren. 

It was while she was in Ohio that Christina decided to make the switch from sports to news. While she was excited about her new journey it was difficult to leave such a great love behind.  Even so, she jumped right into the news and learned that she was a natural. 


In her first year with KVIA in El Paso, Texas Christina covered The Border Crisis of 2019, A Presidential visit, and everything in-between. Her greatest success came with her special reports as this is where her storytelling abilities and creativity had the chance to shine.

A New Challenge

After just one year in news, Christina was offered a position to create, produce and host her own 30-minute political news show in Denver, Colorado for WeatherNation TV. A new challenge she was thrilled about. Christina designed the show, secured A-list political guests, mediated on-air discussions, was the Executive Producer, and Anchor for the show. She also wrote each show herself giving her an opportunity to highlight her in-depth writing skills. The show was so successful, it was expanded to one hour and the company was able to sell it on Satellite television and numerous cable outlets.

Return to Sun City

Realizing she had unfinished business in the Sun City, Christina made her return to El Paso to work for KTSM 9. She was excited to be back in a place that had always felt like home and is filled with her family and friends, but it was here that she decided to strike out on her own, and begin her journey as an independent journalist.

Christina has always believed that being different is essential. With different ideas, thought processes and a different way of looking at people and things her stories always have a creative spin.

She believes every person has a story and that it’s important to allow people to tell their stories.

In her free time, she enjoys reading, exercising, going to sporting events, and vacationing in Key West.

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