Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Video: Witness Says Manager Opened Fire At Virginia Walmart In Mass Shooting That Killed At Least 6 People

A shooter opened fire at a Walmart in Virginia, leaving six people dead, police said, The gunman who is reportedly a disgruntled employee, is also dead.

Numerous videos posted to social media from employees inside of the store at the time of the shooting say that the gunman was a manager of the store, one witness saying

“Yeah Y’all, I’m talking about just left out the break room manager come in there starting cappin’ people up in there, started shooting bro. I’m whole y’all, sadly though we lost a few of our associates. I don’t know how many I’m not going to speak on it I’m not going to show it because I’m not like that. the story is that.”

The witness went on to say,

“Pretty much the manager came in here started dumping man, as soon as I left out the break room he went in there man. By the grace of God yo….It was crazy because coming from where we at man I hear all this before so its like I’m thinking, it wasn’t nothing but I started hearing it getting closer….I saw everyone run so I booked it.”

As people came up and started asking the witness questions about what happened he said “Manager shot a couple people here…..He waited, he plotted this, you can tell he plotted this Sh$%”

In addition, Investigators said they believe the shooter was an employee or former employee who started shooting at other employees in a break room,

Officer Leo Kosinski did not say how the shooter died but said that he didn’t believe police fired shots.

“So like I said earlier, at 10:12 p.m. Tuesday evening, we responded here to the Walmart on what is this, Sam’s Drive, for a report of a shooting. Once the initial officers first got here, they quickly realized it was an active threat type situation. So we kind of switched our tactics to an active threat response and kind of went that motion. Several other officers, many other officers also responded. Parts of members of our fire department responded. We did a basically like a, a tactical entrance and movement in the building. We located multiple fatalities and multiple injured persons. A little while later, through the course of of providing treatment, we were able to establish that we believe it’s only, we believe it’s a single shooter. And that single shooter is deceased at this time.”

Officer Kosinski added that the shooting apparently stopped when police arrived at the store.

Other members of the community also spoke out after the shooting such as Mayor Rick W. West who posted a statement the city’s Twitter account expressing his grief,

“I am devastated by the senseless act of violence that took place late last night in our city. Chesapeake is a tightknit community and we are all shaken by this news.”

Mike Kafka, a spokesman for Sentara Healthcare, said in a text message that five patients from the Walmart were being treated at Norfolk General Hospital. Their conditions weren’t immediately available.

Camille Buggs, a former Walmart employee, told the paper she went to the conference center seeking information about her former coworkers.

“You always say you don’t think it would happen in your town, in your neighborhood, in your store — in your favorite store and that’s the thing that has me shocked,” said Buggs, 58, of Chesapeake.

Walmart tweeted early Wednesday that it was “shocked at this tragic event.”

A database run by The Associated Press, USA Today and Northeastern University that tracks every mass killing in America going back to 2006 shows this year has been especially bad. The U.S. has now had 40 mass killings so far this year, second to the 45 that occurred for all of 2019. The database defines a mass killing as at least four people killed, not including the killer.


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