Friday, December 2, 2022

Arizona AG Office Demands Answers For ‘Widespread Voting Issues’ During Midterm Elections

The midterm elections in Arizona were plagued by numerous issues such as problems with ballot tabulation machines, printer problems, and paper supply shortages. These issues caught the attention of the office of the Arizona Attorney General who wrote a letter to the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office to address the problems.

In the letter, Arizona Assistant Attorney General Jennifer Wright highlighted the number of complaints that were filed,

“The Elections Integrity Unit (“Unit”) of the Arizona Attorney General’s Office (“AGO”) has received hundreds of complaints since Election Day pertaining to issues related to the administration of the 2022 General Election in Maricopa County,” Wright continued,  “These complaints go beyond pure speculation, but include first-hand witness accounts that raise concerns regarding Maricopa’s lawful compliance with Arizona election law.”

According to Wright, at least 60 polling locations had printers that were not configured properly, causing the tabulators to be ineffective when reading the ballots.

Wright said that even though the printers were tested the day before the election, they started malfunctioning with in the first half hour on Election day,

“Based on sworn complaints submitted by election workers employed by Maricopa County, the BOD printers were tested on Monday, November 7 without any apparent problems,” Wright wrote.

Now, the office of the AG is demanding logs for each of the printers in an effort to figure out when configuration changes were made.

In addition, Wright addressed complaints related to what voters were told when they ran into issues on election day,

“Following widespread reports of problems at voting locations on Election Day, Chairman Gates publicly stated that voters who had already checked in to e-Pollbook, but were having difficulties voting could ‘check out’ of that voting location, and would be able to nonetheless vote in another voting location,” she wrote, “Based on sworn complaints received by the Unit, not only have poll workers reported that they were not trained and/or not provided with information on how to execute ‘check out’ procedures, but many voters have reported the second voting location required the voter to cast a provisional ballot as the e-Pollbooks maintained the voter had cast a ballot in the original voting location.”

Wright asserted that state law was violated when poll workers did not keep successfully ballots separated from ballots that were not tabulated,

“Maricopa County has admitted that[,] in some voting locations, ‘Door 3’ non-tabulated ballots were commingled with tabulated ballots at the voting location. Further, we have received a sworn complaint from an election observer indicating that more than 1700 ‘Door 3’ non-tabulated ballots from one voting location were placed in black duffle bags that were intended to be used for tabulated ballots. Pursuant to Arizona law, Maricopa County was required to complete ‘reconciliation of ballots cast against check ins’ at the voting locations before leaving the voting location, not at central count.”

Wright wants the total number of ballots that were co-mingled to be provided along with a copy of each voting location’s Official Ballot Report.

She is demanding that all of her requests be addressed before November 28th,

“Arizonans deserve a full report and accounting of the myriad problems that occurred in relation to Maricopa County’s administration of the 2022 General Election. As the canvass is looming, and these issues relate to Maricopa County’s ability to lawfully certify election results.”

Widely popular Arizona Republican gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake has been vocal about the voting issues and is calling for a redo of the election in Maricopa County.


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